Don’t Ever Cooking Shelled Eggs In A Microwave, Here’s Why


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Recently, a TikTok user gained widespread attention when her attempt at a viral egg hack took a disastrous turn. Reports revealed that this woman was using a microwave to cook an egg when a horrifying incident occurred—the egg exploded, causing her facial skin to peel off. The incident left the 37-year-old mother in immense pain and distress.

According to, the woman’s cooking process involved boiling water in a mug, adding the egg, and then microwaving it for a few minutes until it was cooked. However, when she placed a cold spoon on the egg, it unexpectedly erupted “like a fountain,” scalding the right side of her face and subjecting her to unbearable agony.

Reflecting on the ordeal, she shared her harrowing experience, expressing her desire to prevent others from going through a similar incident. She emphasized that this method was trending on TikTok, and she wished to raise awareness about its dangers. She recalled the excruciating pain she endured and the terrifying moments she experienced. After the explosion, she immediately ran her face under the tap for 20 minutes, but the burning sensation persisted for an agonizing 12 hours. Eventually, she had to seek medical attention at the hospital, with a friend stepping in to care for her daughter.

Experts universally agree that cooking eggs with their shells on in a microwave is a perilous practice. Yogita Chavan, a dietitian at Godrej Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, explains the risks involved. When an egg is microwaved while still in its shell, the shell traps heat and steam, leading to a potentially explosive situation upon handling. The trapped pressure can cause the egg and shell to explode, posing a significant danger to those nearby.

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Dr. Santosh Pandey, an acupuncturist and naturopath at Rejua Energy Center in Mumbai, strongly advises against cooking eggs with their shells intact in the microwave. To prevent such explosions, he suggests poking a hole in the bottom of the eggshell before microwaving it or placing the eggs in a microwave-safe bowl, adding warm water above them, and including a pinch or two of salt to minimize the risk of an explosion.

Chavan recommends an alternative method for those who wish to microwave eggs safely—making scrambled eggs. This approach entails beating the eggs, placing them in a microwave-safe dish, and cooking them in short intervals, stirring in between, until they are thoroughly cooked. This method eliminates the dangers associated with microwaving eggs with their shells on.

It is essential to exercise caution and adhere to safe cooking practices, particularly when experimenting with viral trends. While TikTok and other social media platforms can be a source of inspiration and entertainment, it is crucial to verify the safety and credibility of such hacks before attempting them. Prioritizing personal well-being and being informed about potential risks is of utmost importance in preventing accidents and mishaps in the kitchen or any other aspect of life.


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