Learn The Easiest Way To Schedule Messages On WhatsApp

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With over 2 billion active users, Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. The Facebook-owned app lets you make free video or voice calls, share messages all with just a Wi-fi connection. Every time the app comes up with a new feature, it creates hype among the users. Though it offers a lot of interesting features for the users such as GIFs, cool stickers, or deleting the message option still it is missing some of the most important aspects of technology such as scheduling of messages.

Scheduling messages is not a primary feature in Whatsapp, however, users can use third-party apps to enable this feature. If you are a person who forgets people’s birthday or anniversary often, scheduling messages won’t get you in trouble. And if you don’t wish to send the message to someone at the moment or avoiding someone at a particular time, Whatsapp scheduling messages can play an important role. For example: If you don’t want to ping someone in the middle of the night you can send a message to someone during working hours by scheduling a message.

 Ways to schedule messages!

 However, Whatsapp doesn’t officially support this feature. You need to download a third-party app to schedule messages on Whatsapp. There is only one app that helps you do this task perfectly- SKEDit. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to schedule messages on Whatsapp- SKEDit is the best option.

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SKEDit not only allows users to send text messages but also photos or videos. However, for advanced features like sending photos and videos, users might have to buy the premium version of the app.

–     The first step you need is to download the SKEDit app from Google Playstore.

–     After the app is downloaded, you need to set up an account either by sign in using Facebook or create a new account.

–     If you don’t wish to sign in using Facebook, create a new account by clicking on ‘Create Account’.

How do you create a new account?

–     Enter your name, email address, and password to create a new account.

–     You will receive a verification code at your email address.

–     Click on the ‘Verification Code’ to verify your email address.

–     Enter the code received in your inbox and click on ‘Verify Email’.

–     After signing, select Whatsapp from the list.

–     Now, you will be required to give permissions to get access to your phone service.

–     Select the participant on Whatsapp for whom you wish to schedule the message and type it in.

–     Add the recipient’s name and choose the date and time for when you wish to send the message.

–     After this, the last toggle will be the ‘Ask me before sending’ toggle. You can either turn it on to make the app notify you before ending the scheduled messaged or turn it off to send it automatically.

To note it down, users can schedule multiple messages at a time but can schedule Whatsapp messages for up to a week.


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