This Kitchen Ingredient Is All You Need For A Good Night’s Sleep

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If you have ever tried home remedies, you must know how ghee is an integral part of most of these home remedies. Even though ghee is known for its numerous benefits, people should be aware that the best ghee they could use is the homemade ghee as it is the least processed version of the ghee.

As a fact, ghee is considered to be one of the best ingredients in Ayurveda.

So, let’s take a look at the nutritional value of ghee:

Ghee possesses a significant amount of healthy fats along with vitamin A, E and D. Even though, the high amount of fat present in ghee is seen in a negative light, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant nutrients required for the body to work properly. In fact, the omega-3 fatty acids present in ghee prove to be necessary for improving the brain and heart health. Ghee is also known to be a good source of energy. Considering, we have concluded most of the ghee’s nutritional value, let’s take a look at its health benefits.

Health benefits of ghee

  1. Ghee as a remedy for cough

One of the most common seasonal diseases that people experience is definitely a cough. And one of the best home remedies known to be effective for cough is ghee. In order to use ghee as a remedy against cough, warm a teaspoon of ghee and eat it or mix that teaspoon of ghee with ginger powder. 

  1. Ghee helps with eyesight

Ayurveda claims that ghee can be beneficial for people’s eyesight and protect their eyes from various eye-related diseases. In order to do that, you just need to increase the amount of ghee in your daily diet.

  1. Ghee helps with constipation

Ghee is also known to be beneficial against constipation. It is recommended to consume 1 tablespoon of ghee at night before going to bed as it helps with proper digestion by healing the digestive tract.

  1. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties

As per various studies, ghee is said to possess anti-inflammatory qualities, which could be beneficial in healing a number of diseases. Along with it, ghee can also increase the good cholesterol levels inside the body.

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  1. Ghee increases the immune system 

Ghee has a lot of antioxidants, which are known to boost the immune system as antioxidants increase the ability of the body to absorb the essential nutrients. Hence, reducing your chances to fall ill.


Additionally, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar also talked about the health benefits of ghee adding that it could help people sleep better at night. A lot of people can’t get quality sleep at night due to aches and pains in their body and Rujuta claims that this can be resolved by applying ghee on the soles of the feet before sleeping.

Diwekar also stated that applying ghee allows “the vata to settle and reduces gas and bloating”.

She further added, “This, in turn, reduces acidity and improves sleep. You do know that sleep and excretion, all of the digestion, in fact, are linked. Poor digestion and assimilation are also linked with low vitamin D and B12 levels as well. Improved sleep will also lead to improved fat loss, moods and skin tone.”

The celebrity nutritionist concluded her post by listing a number of issues that ghee can be a remedy for:

  • Snoring while sleeping
  • Disturbed sleep pattern
  • Indigestion/ farting/ burping
  • IBS and chronic constipation
  • People who consume antacids regularly

She further added the ways in which people can apply ghee:

  • Keep a little box containing ghee near your bed.
  • Get a drop of ghee on your finger and spread it on your palm.
  • Rub your palm on the sole of your feet till they feel warm.
  • Go to a restful sleep.


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