How To Improve Your Chances Of Better Immune Response To The COVID-19 Vaccine?

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The kind of panic and distress that COVID-19 brought to the entire world is not easily forgettable. But as we move forward surviving through it all, we need to understand that the pandemic has not yet ended and we still need to be cautious enough even if some of you have already taken the COVID-19 vaccine shot. We still need to put in efforts to boost our immunity.

In fact, Dr Farah Ingale, Director of Internal Medicine at Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi reaffirms the importance of building immunity and gives some suggestions regarding the same to improve the immune response to COVID-19 vaccine. 

  • Refraining from consuming alcohol or smoking

Avoiding alcohol and smoking is one of the most specific precautions that people have been advised to follow. Consuming alcohol or smoking before or after taking the vaccine may impact the effects of the vaccine. It is a common fact that alcohol affects the liver and body immunity negatively. According to some the researchers, alcohol also makes it hard for the immune system to fight against infections. Hence, it could make the person susceptible to diseases like COVID-19. Hence, it is advisable to refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming tobacco.

  • Ensuring proper sleep 

People often go to sleep late and wake up early forgetting how proper, uninterrupted sleep for 7 to 8 hours is essential for maintaining a good immune system. A lot of important body processes take place while the body is asleep like cell regeneration and detoxification. Lack of sleep can also be a reason for a high level of stress which can impact the immune system negatively. As to how proper sleep can impact the vaccination process, a study done by the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine claims that people who slept less than 5-6 hours, had reported a 50% less efficient impact when they took flu vaccines. Thus, ensuring proper sleep can positively affect the immune system.

  • Exercising regularly

A healthy body is a happy body and exercising regularly and being active is a certain way to ensure that. If a person is physically fit and possesses a healthy weight, they will be able to reduce the risk of chronic illness. In order to boost the immune system and let the vaccine work better, it is important to exercise regularly and stay active.  It can also reduce the chances of complications and illnesses, which make you sick.


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  • Eating right, eating healthy: 

There is no particular food item that can ensure a boost in immunity but maintaining a healthy diet can positively help with the immune system. Some of the food items that can be significant in building immunity are vegetables, yoghurt, fermented food items and fruits. Probiotics in particular can prove to be very beneficial.

Even though vaccines don’t work instantly, consuming a well-balanced diet can help significantly. The diet should especially contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet is an efficient way to enhance immunity, staying healthy and assisting the proper functioning of the body. This will ultimately help the body with delivering proper immune response when the vaccine is taken. Thus, for a better immune system, people should eat a proper serving of fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry products like eggs, nuts, etc. Having a better immune system can not only ensure a proper and healthy living but it will also prove to be beneficial while getting a COVID-19 vaccine administered. And a healthy diet is the easiest way of working towards a healthy immune system.

In conclusion, even if this pandemic situation seemed hopeless to most of us, but we have a vaccine now. This COVID-19 vaccine shot is very crucial to resist this pandemic and improve the immune system of people. So, stay healthy and be careful. 



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