Now You Can Send Notes To Yourself Using Signal

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To date, WhatsApp has been the most common messaging app among the youth, elderly and children alike. But even while using such a popular app, it wasn’t possible to send a message or note to self. In case, there was a certain message that people wanted to save just for themselves or a link they wanted to share with themselves, it wasn’t an easy feat while using WhatsApp. A lot of people would tend to create a group and then remove the other member and successfully creating a group chat with their own selves. But that will not be the case with Signal as it introduces a Note to Self feature that allows people to send messages to themselves.

‘Signal’ is the messaging app that became popular overnight after the controversial change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Along with this, WhatsApp also announced that the users who will not be accepting these terms and conditions could lose their account in the future. This change in privacy policy was supposed to take place by February 8, 2021, but the outrage by users and the excessive rise in the number of people who switched to WhatsApp or Telegram from WhatsApp forced the company to delay this change till May 2021. The signal app became popular because of its high security as it happens to be an end-to-end encrypted messaging app. This means that nobody can access the chats and messages sent using this app, not even the company itself. This app is known for keeping negligible data records from its users. ‘Signal’ app is run by Signal Technology Foundation which is a nonprofit organisation under Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton.

Brian Acton was also the co-founder of WhatsApp but he quit Facebook in 2007 and has openly criticised the social network mogul since then.

The previously discussed hack has been used for a long time by WhatsApp users but it can get tiresome after a point. Along with this, the message that is sent to self has technically been sent on a group, effectively making the messages non-encrypted.

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But Signal has answered most of our prayers in a way. Signal has introduced a feature titled Note To Self. With this feature, users can send themselves encrypted messages without going through the hassle of making a group. Users can send themselves something they want to save for future reference, important details, or even links to websites. This unique feature also allows users to send disappearing messages to themselves. Disappearing messages use a timer that starts since the time message is initially sent to the user. Note to self feature is a contact entry that people can use by tapping the compose button to send messages to themselves. People can also use this feature to share files and messages with their linked devices. 

Steps to use the Note to Self feature:

Steps to follow when using an Android or iPhone: 

  • Open the Signal app and tap on the Compose button or pen icon 
  • You will now be able to see your Signal contact list.
  • Go to the Search bar in the contact list and select the option ‘Note to Self’.
  • In case you don’t see ‘Note to Self’, try typing it.
  • Android users can tap on the Signal message to start typing or tap the plus sign to select a file. 
  • iPhone users can tap on the New messages to start typing.
  • Android and iPhone users can both further tap on the blue send icon to send the message.  
  • Android users will see a closed lock on the send option whereas iPhone users won’t.

Steps to follow when using a desktop: 

  • Open Signal and select the search option.
  • Click on the contact option ‘Note to Self’.
  • A chat window will appear in the right pane.
  • Users can select Send a message and start typing or select a file.
  • Finally, press Enter to send.




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