WhatsApp Gives New Update On The Controversial Privacy Policy And Its Deadline

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WhatsApp recently gave out a new statement regarding the change in the privacy policy and what would happen if the users do not accept the new privacy policy by the deadline of May 15. 

WhatsApp received a massive backlash from all around after the company decided to introduce some changes in its usage terms and privacy policy back in January 2021. This change was done to introduce the plans of WhatsApp sharing data with its parent company, Facebook and the users were given time until February 8 to accept these new terms and condition.

But this decision received immediate flak from the users and the instant messaging app decided to extend the deadline for accepting these terms and conditions by May 15 citing that the users had misunderstood the decision. In the meanwhile, the company has been constantly making an effort to spread proper information about the new policy and usage terms through the in-app notifications and ‘Stories’ feature. Along with this, the company also put out an explainer answering some of the most commonly asked questions as to what will happen in case the users do not accept the new privacy policy even after May 15. 

After all the controversy that surrounded these privacy policy changes, the US-based messaging app has come up with a list of detailed changes that users will experience if they don’t accept the new terma and conditions by May 15.


As per TechCrunch, WhatsApp will be asking the users who don’t comply with the changed privacy policy to agree to the terms in order to obtain full functionality of their WhatsApp accounts till May 15.

Some of the key functionalities that the users might lose in case they don’t accept the new privacy policy are detailed in a FAQ page created by WhatsApp. This page states the users might be able to receive calls and notifications for a short time but they’ll be unable to read or send any messages.

This will leave the users with only two viable options:

  1. Just put your trust in WhatsApp and accept the new policy.
  2. Backup your data and look for some other messaging app.

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WhatsApp has directed its users that they can still choose to accept the privacy policy after May 15 and retain their account with full functionality but the accounts that will not agree to the new conditions till May 15, will be recognised as ‘Inactive. These inactive accounts on WhatsApp are automatically deleted after 120 days. 

So, technically even if the users don’t accept the new privacy policy and usage terms by May 15, they will still have a time period of 120 days in case they change their mind. However, they will still have to adjust and work with a WhatsApp account that has limited functionality.

As an alternate, users can look for a different messaging app that suits their preference. In case you switch to Telegram, you can also transfer your data to it. Telegram allows the users to move their documents, files, personal and group chats, etc to Telegram using the chat export feature.

The initial announcement made on January 4 by WhatsApp regarding the new updated Privacy Policy stated; “As one of the Facebook Companies, WhatsApp receives information from other Facebook companies and provides information to other Facebook companies. We may use the information we receive from these companies, and they may use the information we provide to ensure the operation of our services.”

These new terms will let WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook share the data regarding payments and transaction in order to broaden their target audience and offer ads based on a better algorithm. This is to help the social media giant extend its functionality for e-commerce offerings and merge its different social media platforms into an interconnected system. 



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