What To Keep In Mind Before Buying Earbuds?

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Do you guys remember the time when everyone in any public place or public transport would sport either earphones or headphones plugged in their ear, either vibing to their favourite music or sleekly avoiding any type of unwanted conversation? Well, the scenario is not very different now, it’s just that most of the wired earphones have been replaced with the wireless earbuds. And the reason for this wireless boon is Bluetooth. So, how do these wireless earbuds work?

Well, most of these wireless earbuds work on simple Bluetooth principle. The earbuds or even wireless headphones form a Bluetooth connection between them and the source device which could be a smartphone, laptop or even computer. After this connection has been established, one earbud (primary earbud) transfers the data between earbuds and the source device. 

It is no hidden fact as to how hassle-free and convenient Bluetooth devices are for anybody to use. But with this budding technology, also came along a plethora of options in the market. The number of options present in regard to wireless earbuds in the market could easily confuse people. Hence, we are here with a list of five features that everyone should keep in mind while buying a pair of wireless earbuds:

Earbuds that fit you

People use earbuds for various reasons, listening to music, hands-free calling, video calling or even watching a movie at times. No matter what the use is, one thing that always holds significance is the proper fit of the earbud. Customers should search for the earbuds that have customisable options and also possess different dimensions keeping in mind the kind of design that will be the cosiest fit for each ear. It will also help the users to keep the earbuds tucked in the ear properly.

Battery life

One of the major features to keep in mind while buying earbuds is their battery life. After all, as opposed to wired earphones, we can’t just use wireless earbuds whenever we want. We need to charge it after a while. Most of the manufacturers offer a battery life of three to five hours but if the earbuds come with a charging case, it will be considerably more convenient. Hence, customers can ideally opt for any earbuds offering a battery life of more than four hours. 

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Noise cancellation 

It is one of the major features that customers look for. If the earbuds offer you a noise cancellation feature, you would be able to enjoy high-quality calls without any sort of background disturbance which may come as a boon while answering a work call.

Earbuds with controls

If users want to experience the true wireless technology, they should search for earbuds that are not really dependent on some other device for access to their complete features. Hence, the ideal choice would be wireless earbuds that have some button or controls that allow the users to manage calls, increase or decrease the volume or change the music.

High Audio Quality

In the end, let’s talk about that one feature that tops every other feature that we have talked about, the audio quality of the wireless earbuds. In order to make the right purchase, users should look for the dimensions of the drivers on the specs of earbuds which will be denoted in millimetres (MM). Remember, the bigger the driver, the better the sound quality as the bigger driver is inclined to give a better bass

Another factor that users can look for is the frequency being supplied by the earbuds. Most of the headphones or earbuds possess a frequency of about 20Hz to 20kHz. Even though it does little to describe the high quality of the audio, it will provide you with a range that users should look for keeping in mind the ideal range that human ear should listen to.


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