Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Is Making Life Simpler Than Ever

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With the wearable technology taking over the world, the buzz surrounding Smartwatches is more or less well-deserved. The technology and inventions in smartwatches really show us how far we have come in terms of technology. Gone are the days when watches only served the purpose of telling time. These smartwatches. These watches were initially designed to simplify our lives but with time, they have completely changed the way we interact with technology. They have also provided their users with a considerable boost in productivity.

And the latest smartwatch to turn heads this year is undeniably is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch3. Samsung has already made a mark in the tech world with its range of Galaxy products and this looks like the latest invention. Tech enthusiasts all over the world are already calling this smartwatch a ‘wearable wonder’.

So, let’s talk about this watch in detail and discuss what makes it so unique. 

The ease and convenience of a smartphone

This smartwatch easily manages to replace your smartphone while you are out exercising, or running a quick errand. After all, if your smartwatch enables you to manage calls and other notifications while browsing through your favourite apps and playlists, then would you really miss your smartphone.

This watch comes with an eSIM powered 4G function which means that the user won’t really need their smartphone to manage their calls and at the same time, have complete access to their favourite apps.

But this is not all, with this new connectivity setting, this watch also supports the notifications displaying emoticons and the feature of in-chat photo viewing. Along with this, you will also be able to access the smart reply feature which suggests the user’s quick responses to the messages they receive.

Further, this smartwatch will provide access to you for viewing your chat history so that you don’t have to look for your smartphone in order to continue a conversation that you have lost the gist of.

Greater emphasis on health

Most of the people who purchase smartwatches consider its health benefits as the main factor. And this watch comes with the most advanced health monitor to have been installed in a smartwatch. It doesn’t matter what kind of workout you are doing, be it running, jogging or walking, this smartwatch has been designed to cater to the routines of its users. 

Galaxy Watch3 is also equipped to measure and track the amount of oxygen in the user’s bloodstream. It uses the blood oxygen (SpO2) tool and measures the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream through LED and infrared rays. This feature allows the Galaxy Watch3 to give the users the best overview of their workout regime. And if you are working out at home, this watch allows you to choose from over 120 exercise programs. This watch’s advanced algorithm allows it to analyse the movement of the users and offer them a subsequent report to suggest ways to improve their workout, lessen any chances of injuries, etc.

Along with this, it also keeps track of the sleep cycle of its users.

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The Marvel of its Design

One look at the Galaxy Watch3 is enough to convey that the developers worked hard on the design part. This watch is available in three colours and two sizes, namely, Mystic Black, Mystic bronze Mystic blue and 45mm and 41mm while talking about the size. 

Along with the innovation in design, a clear difference in weight can also be marked as it is 15% lighter than previous watches.

Bonus Points for productivity

This smartwatch uses Samsung’s own user interface called TizenOS which uses a rotating bezel in this watch allowing the users to switch between different apps, widgets or menus with bare minimum effort. 

It’s the best choice for music lovers

With Spotify pre-installed in the device, it comes as a haven for those who need their daily dose of music to survive. Users can now stream and download music and playlists while on the go. And even if there is no Bluetooth or WiFi connection, users can choose the offline playback option.





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