Twitter May Start Charging Its Users Now

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Twitter is a globally known microblogging site that was first launched in 2006. Over the years, it has become a platform for people to share their opinions and raise their voices. It has been common knowledge that this platform despite its significance in the world of social media has never really used a paid model for its site. But that may change soon. In fact, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey had even mentioned it briefly last year. He hinted that the company was considering the option of testing some sort of paid model for its microblogging site.

When Jack Dorsey had participated in the quarterly earnings call with company investors, he had further stated that the social network market has a lot of potential as there is much that is still left to explore.

According to the latest news by Bloomberg, it seems like Twitter has decided to give a chance to the paid mannequin for its platform and research teams of the company have been looking through subscription offerings. If the reports are to be believed, one of these research teams is using the code name “Rogue One.” 

Bloomberg has made a list of seven features that may ask the users to pay in order to avail them.

  • Twitter verification badge
  • Exclusive content material
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Higher-quality video
  • Ad-free feed
  • Tweetdeck
  • Profile customisation help

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Additionally, Revenue Product Lead, Bruce Falck had announced to TechCrunch that their main objective, for the time being, is increasing the revenue durability. The company wants to invest proper time in research and development in order to find out ways in which they can extend their revenue system further from ads in 2021.

Even though Twitter has started its research towards subscription options, everything is still on an initial stage. Hence, it is difficult to give out concrete information. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the interesting features that Twitter possesses.

  • Twitter Polls

Twitter has introduced a poll feature that allows the users to write four answer options and other people can select the answer that they think is right. These polls are live for a day, and they display the final count of the polling after 24 hours are over. Considering that this feature is considerably new, Twitter users are still trying to find ways to incorporate it into their tweets.

  • Full-size Images

Twitter users have been attaching photos to their tweets for a long time now. But, they have also had to suffice with the cropped images. But with the recent update in the feature, Twitter now, allows its users to post and show the entire image now. 

  • Moments

 This feature in Twitter basically gathers the best moments from the internet and presents them to the user, at-a-glance style. This feature includes all the topics that are trending or are in discussion right now. 

  • Retweeting with an opinion

Tweeting and retweeting is the basis of the Twitter app and with this feature, users can retweet something while adding their own opinion or comments to it. Although, it is completely up to the user whether they want to add a quote or not. Either way, the retweets look sleek and well-placed and display the entire tweet. 

  • Longer Direct Messages

If people had one complaint from Twitter, it had to be the character constraint of 140 words especially since it extended to even Direct messages or DMs. As per the reports from the Verge, Twitter has decided to allow up to 10,000 characters while writing DMs.

These are some of the features that Twitter boasts of. It will be interesting to see which feature will become subscription-based in the future.


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